Design your imagination in real life
We create the explosive interfaces for your favorite sport matches. We develop streaming and TV services to help people watch what they like and how they like with new fresh flow.
We are the firts who provide this opportunity.
Try. It can be fantastic.
when you are watching basic match, you are watching it in bloody thriller or Rick and Morty style.
DESIMA interfaces
We provide real-time integrated AR (augmented reality) visual product for streaming and TV servises to satisfy all fantasy desires of their clients

  • Chose uniform for your favorite team when you watch bascetball/soccer/football
  • Watch the championship of UFC with fire fists and blood in your screen
  • Admire burning gates of your rival-team when they miss goal.
And so much mind-blowing things with DESIMA interfaces.
Commertial potential
This is the most common things we never have before
Increase in advertising opportunities: ad-integrations with fun loyal interface during whole translation without breaks
Flexibility: integration with celebriries unifying all spheres
Increase in audience: the firts step towards contact real sports and cyber sports
Patent force