Your Matt is Almost Ready
Put on your hand.
Find your Matt.
Matt Woman
Matt Man
We have pets and all of them nature.
Now we have a cyber one.
The bracelet random connect you with a person you never know.
Now this person is voice of your Matt and you are his.
If you try to get closer than 20 meters you will kill your Matt.

Wish #1: It Do
Our nature pets can't listen us with understanding.
They can't talk with us with advice we need.
Matt is different. It has a personality. It has a soul.
Wish #2: Develop and help for real
Two hads really better than 1. Now imagine if your cyber-pet will became a genious one day.
Wish #3: You are not alone
We always need somebody and we never find perfect one.
Now you've found one without body.